Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation’s Mission and Purpose

In 2011 the Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation (the Foundation) was established by Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors to demonstrate that charitable giving and involvement are an important part of our culture, and to encourage employees to increase their participation and individual giving to charitable activities. Our priority is to donate to those non-profit organizations that our employees have demonstrated a commitment and passion to support themselves with both their financial resources and their time. Our emphasis is to donate to those non-profit organizations that help society's most disadvantaged - economically, physically, educationally, or socially - become empowered to be more independent, productive contributors to society.

The Foundation has established two programs by which to make donations: the Employee Matching Program and the Direct Support Program.

   Employee Matching Program

Under the Employee Matching Program, the Foundation will match donations up to $5,000 per employee household, per year, so long as the charity qualifies as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

   Direct Support Program

The Direct Support Program provides a venue for employees to request a donation from the Foundation beyond the amounts available to them through the Employee Matching Program. A Distribution Committee consisting of employees of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors meets periodically to discuss the attributes of numerous non-profit organizations that employees have demonstrated a commitment and passion to support themselves. The guidelines listed below provide a framework for the Distribution Committee to evaluate these non-profit organizations.

  • All donees must be 501 (c) (3) operating organizations
  • Prioritize those organizations that offer education, job skills training or other programs to society's most disadvantaged persons, with the goal of empowering its clientele to be more self-sufficient
  • Give priority to those organizations in which employees are involved
  • Give priority to those geographic areas where KACALP employees work
  • No contributions to religious organizations for the purpose of promoting religion (social programs acceptable)
  • No contributions to universities or colleges

The amount of the Direct Support donation will be based on criteria such as:

  • The level of involvement/contribution from employee
  • The extent to which the organization conforms to our guidelines
  • Employee’s duration of involvement
  • Employee’s tenure at KACALP
  • The extent to which we have knowledge of that company

   Directors and Committee Members
  • Richard Kayne
  • Robert Sinnott
  • Scott Keys, CPA
  • David Shladovsky
  • Howard Zelikow
  • Ellen LaBonte

  • President – Howard Zelikow
  • Treasurer – Scott Keys
  • Secretary – David Shladovsky
  • Program Director – Ellen LaBonte
  • Program Director – Channing Grigsby
  • Assistant Treasurer – Marilynn Moscrip
  • Assistant Secretary – Felice Rosen

   Distribution Committee

 A Distribution Committee made up of KACALP employees determines the recipients of the Foundation’s donations.

  • Robert Sinnott
  • Scott Keys, CPA
  • Felice Rosen
  • David Shladovsky
  • Howard Zelikow
  • Tom Archie
  • Marilynn Moscrip
  • Chuck Yates
  • Ellen LaBonte
  • Channing Grigsby
  • Anthony Johnson
  • Devyn Davis

   Supported Organizations

It has been our pleasure to support dozens of organizations that have a passion and business model to empower and support individuals to enrich their lives, and as a result, enrich all of our lives. For further information on some of these organizations, click here.

Giving Board Through December 31, 2015

   For More Information
    Please Contact:  Ellen LaBonte, Director
                                elabonte@kaynecapital.com or 310.284.6452

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